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back to '91 where his wife sought a divorce. she wrote, he start add using me, i did not take his gun, but he did not believe me. allman says she was jealous of his new relationship. yesterday morning he was discovered in sunnyvale. >> all three deputies at the scene fired shots and the subject was pronounced dead at the scene. >> reporter: the meeting going on inside the town hall is open and it could go two hours, four hours, it is being given to the company by the city of cupertino, take their time and get the job done. david louie is here. if some members of the kaiser family want to talk about what happened up there he will have that tonight at 4:00, 5:00 and 6:00. terry mcsweeney, abc7 news. >> >> oakland police have arrested a suspect in a robbery and shooting that left a woman seriously wounded and closed part of 580 for three hours yesterday. a gunman shot a woman in the legs after she refused to give up her purse. the shooter drove off, crashed on the 580 trance ramp and took off on -- on foot. chp searched the freeway causing major traffic delays for hours no word where the
carrying corn. it happened in this incorporated area of east contra costa county. passengers tell us they felt the train shudder. the impact scared passengers, some of whom panicked. this doctor helped the pregnant woman when the woman started screaming. >> i got so scared. >> it was panicked. no one heard anything for 10, 15 minutes when they announced it on the speakers. >> i was falling asleep and i saw the jerk and i freaked out a little bit. >> just a little bit? >> a lot, actually. >> the fire chief tells us that 35 people were injured. >> approximately 35 victims have been injured in the collision from minor to moderate injuries. they are currently being triaged and transported to local hospitals. >> the driver and a passenger of the truck the train hit are uninjured. >> now, this is what the scene looks like live from sky 7. there are four fire trucks and 10 ambulances were distach patched. -- dispatched. they have not moved since the accident. there are 100 emergency personnel on scene. we are told that amtrak police are investigating the accident. we asked, but we don't kno
, using propofol as a sleeping aid. using the dangerous anesthetic at home with no backup or emergency personnel. no backup medical equipment. having no medical records. and most critically, not calling 911 immediately, which could have saved jackson's life. >> he was definitely savable at that point. >> so, in essence, had dr. murray called 911 at 12:00, michael jackson would still here today? >> yes, sir. >> and there's just no doubt in your mind about that? >> no doubt. >> reporter: prosecutors say they're down to their last two witnesses and could actually wrap up their case as early as tomorrow, without calling, as we first reported, any of the jackson children. david? >> jim avila, our thanks to you again tonight. >>> we turn now to another courtroom bombshell today. you'll remember the man who tried to blow up that plane on christmas day 2009, wearing a bomb in his underwear. today, in federal court, the bomber suddenly pleaded guilty to all charges, telling the courtroom he did, in fact, try to blow up that northwest flight over detroit, hoping to kill almost 300 people. he the
night. >> reporter: police are now telling us it with was a training exercise overnight that they never planned to sweep through this camp. but, everyone thought they were and it created quite a reaction here at justin herman plaza. as soon as word spread that police may be forcing people out of justin herman plaza the crowd here grew significantly. included city supervisors, a state senator and assembly member. demonstrators served as their human microphone as they addressed the crowd. >> do not need a violent confrontation. we look forward to working with everyone tonight. to get the message of occupy san francisco out. >> reporter: it appeared as if san francisco police were gearing up for something big. hundreds of officers were pull in overnight. and seemed to be ready to act on mayor ed lee's order to clear out this plaza because of sanitation and safety concerns. but they never showed up. which occupy sf protesters considered a victory. >> proceeded -- we succeeded in getting government and union support. and we succeeded in resisting police attacks. >> reporter: a police spokesm
, it would be irresponsible for us to be calling a death knell in napa vel. >> this isn't a compliment change debate but one about claim change study. they published their own study where night temperatures have increased by one degree and day time numbers remain the same. stanford study slnt them convinced yet. >> it's too much of a broad brush, not specific enough for napa valley. >> they recommend lower quality grapes. growers aren't so sure that is necessary. >> i don't think it will end premium wine production but we need to adapt how we're growing them. >> we're looking at pre-decade warning. >>> a bay area man used craigslist to buy airline tickets and wound up flying what he says was big trap and changed his son's future. >> dominic was thrilled to be accepted to st. john's university in new york but he never been there. so hisher pla father planned a y visited and searched for airfares he could afford. this ad caught his eye, airline tickets for low prices. he e-mailed the seller and right away he heard back. seller said he used his frequent flyer miles and purchased two tickets for
thoroughfare still shut at this hour. >>> 6:01 on this friday morning thanks for joining us i'm eric thomas. >> and i'm kristen sze. chilling new video of the cupertino gunman who went on a deadly shooting rampage then terrorized a neighborhood. we are learning more about his violent past. taina hernandez is live in the -- terry mcsweeney is live in the neighborhood where the manhunt ended. >> reporter: he was a living contradiction, it would happen he talked about domestic violence wrote a book about it but was accused of committing it. he talked about peace but died violently. some of the video comes to us from cameras at this arco station at homestead and wolfe road. shareef walking with a rifle he also had a handgun on him tuesday morning, this is after according to police he had shot nine people at the cement plant in cupertino killing three. then shot a woman during an attempted carjacking in sunnyvale. all day and night search ended 7:20 yesterday morning. deputies spotted him. >> our deputies attempted to make contact with the suspect. the suspect was armed with a handgun. all three
to get the giggles because the good times go with a couple of clowns like us couple of clowns like us ♪ baby face, you've bot the cutest little baby face ♪ >> if you're seeing us right now, your tv must be on. that's good. please keep watching. >> when it comes to infants and toddlers and tv, doctors say keep them apart. dr. timothy johnson explains. >> reporter: the american academy of pediatrics rermd that children under 2 years of age watch as little tv as possible. it's an important period in the child's develop. they say activities such as playing, listening to music, and interacting with others are far more valuable in the development of a child's brain. after reviewing studies of so-called "children's educational television" they say there is significant evidence to support the current recommendations. 90% of pirnts say their children under 2 watch some form of electronic media created just for them. positive effects are still in question, the benefits of parent-child interaction have been proven. so instead of putting children in front of the tv l
in 2009 for improper denial and delay of benefits. senior health insurance of pennsylvania tells us that separating ties of canseco it operates as a trust under new management. we operate without a pro profit motive and the mission is to use assets only to support policy holder obligation. the couple made about $70,000 in premiums over the past decade and used only about $7,000 in benefits before jack died in a nursing home in march. >> thanks to you i got the money back. >> if you are considering buying long term care insurance for you or yourself you need to do a lot of research. one good site is the state insurance department. i posted links at >>> the city of concord is using the internet to drum up business in this hard hit economy and shopping close to home. laura anthony has the story. >> reporter: city of concord has kooblgd up a new way to bring local customers in the door. it's a website called try it local. to give deep discounts that buy prepaid vousmers online from everything from a meal to merchandise at area retail stores. >> these are offered for a cert
itfit. it uses monument service to help its clients. she says the population in need has expand had over the years. >> it's changed dramatically because of the economy and the recession crisis. >> the crisis center wouldn't be what it is today without the dedication of staff and countless volunteers that have worked here through the years. >> i just wanted to help people to get fed and clothed, whatever the need is, i wanted t wanted p provide it here. >> who else is going to do it? if the people who have cannot help the people who have not, we are very sad and unfortunate world, i think. >> she was one of the monument very first volunteers in 2003 when she translated for spanish speaking clients. >> i this center. i love helping here. the things you learn, the people you so m so many great things. >> the center has grown so much over the years they are looking for ager facility what they hope for in years to come, exclusive exclusive director says she number of people and volunteers exceeds the number of people that need help. >> many people have reservations and donating and not knowin
morning. thanks for joining us i'm kristen sze. >>> i'm eric thomas. you can almost feel it in the air downtown san francisco demonstrators have seen numbers surge overnight based on rumors they would be the next withins to clash with police. some have come from oakland, -- that's where amy hollyfield is live right now. what do we know? >> reporter: the feel is very different than what it has been at other times, other mornings. right now it is a huge crowd. some have gas masks on. a lot of music played. there's a lot of energy here. lots of signals that these people are not going to leave willingly. video we shot earlier, this was last night. what appears to be police gearing up for some kind of activity. police officers have not descended on the camp. now everyone is just waiting. five members of the san francisco board of supervisors showed up during the night with other state and city officials to show support for occupy sf movement. they thanked everyone for coming out and they say belief in everyone's first amendment rights. police have told the protesters this campsite violates
. and tonight, abc's alex marquardt is in the town of ercis to tell us her story amid so many others. >> reporter: rescuers dug five feverishly today in the rubble of this apartment building, looking for any trace of survivors. then, word came that a baby was found alive. just 14 days old, azra came out of the rubble naked and was quickly wrapped in a blanket. she was born prematurely. today, after 47 hours in that pile of stone, she was found, clinging to her mother and grandmother. the rescuer who pulled her out told us he felt like he was holding his own child. "to bring life back into this world is the highest satisfaction," he said. azra was rushed to the hospital. the rescuers went back to work in search of her relatives, still trapped inside that heap of concrete. then, within an hour -- azra's mother and grandmother have been confirmed alive. the digging has stopped, there's an ambulance over there waiting. and it looks like they're about to pull someone out. a stretcher appeared. azra's mother. 20 minutes later, the grandmother. "i never lost faith," azra's uncle told us. "y
>>> good morning, america. this morning, october blast. it is not a trick. and for many of us, not a treat. a monster storm barreling up into the northeast this morning, with the biggest and earliest snowfall in more than a century. major cities in the crosshairs, as we head into a white halloween. >>> true survival. after six, long days lost in the wilderness, an 8-year-old autistic boy is found alive. no food and temperatures near freezing. how did he survive so long, all alone? >>> desperate decision. a mother's worst fear realized. trapped by a fire. she's forced to drop her two, young children out of a third floor window to the neighbors below. how did she work up the courage to do this? she's going to talk with us exclusively this morning. >>> and miracle pup. they tried to put him down but he survived. how did little daniel the dog cheat death? we'll meet him live right here in our studio this morning. >>> and we've got him live with us in the studio this morning. this is a huge get for us. daniel the dog. there he is. he's got a sweater on, looking chipper. >> looking
. those who were among the protestors say the police response was excessive and showed us what they describe as bean bags and rubber bullets that fired on the crowd. >> i don't think this is humane. there are people out here protesting peacefully. >> there were glass bottles around and glass thrown at some point but there was some point where there were plastic bottles. >> mayor quan and police chief says the use of force was only in response to officers being assaulted first by protestors. >> we were being pelted with rocks and bottles. >> she shows the bruce she has after being hit by a projectile by police. >> i don't know the difference between a bean bag gun and a rubber bullet gun. it feels like a rubber bullet not a bean bag. >> she wants a full briefing of all use of force by police. >> the world is watching. we have to look at each incident hear the chief of police explain their side. we can see from the demonstrators and analyze what went on. >>> all right. that's nick smith reporting. we will go to nick smith live n from oakland. a lot of damage. >> absolutely. you
time ever, director james can ron invites tv cameras inside his off the grid estate and tells us of a project bigger than any movie he's made. >>> and marvels of the sea. they swim upright. they swap sex roles and celebs covet their company. so, what's the catch? we go swimming with sea horses. >> announcer: from the global resources of abc news, with terry moran, cynthia mcfadden and bill weir in new york city, this is "nightline," october 12th, 2011. >> good evening, i'm bill weir. the idea that michael jackson did not have to die is at the heart of the manslaughter case against his doctor, conrad murray. but never in that courtroom have the jurors heard it like this. expert witnesses giving a detailed, blow by blow account of how murray allegedly failed his pop star employer. abc's jim avila is in los angeles tonight. jim? >> reporter: bill, the district attorney's office is wrapping up its case, with devastating medical testimony. prosecutors say they could rest as early as tomorrow, with testimony that is severely underculting one of the pillars of the defense case. ach thin
is not a welcome site for grape growers in the north bay. wayne freedman joins us to explain why. wayne? >> there is hid valley portion. we're here among chardonnay vines. if you think wine just grows off vine that's is not the case, rains come this early in the season, there is a lot of worry. >> in april, showers bring may flowers, ones in october bring blisters to wine country and lots of them when it calls in the season. >> this is fitting. >> that would be an understatement from matt ashby, dealing with 1500 acres of worry and and there is a a man whose fortunes can change with almosts. >> we'll get rain later in the october. >> and at least they had warnings and it's not just harvest had not begun. chardonnay and grapes are already in. and these ripening beauties remain a matter of concern. they're cabernet. because of the cool spring, still a good three weeks from being ready to pick. they belong to vine hill vineyards. today, managing partner bruce phillips can only sit back, doing less glamorous work, trusting the grapes will see them through. >> this is if the fruit is not rip
wong joins us. what's happening now? there is run goinging on? >> this is a cloud of acid in my lungs. they're starting to arrest people on 8th and washington. and people have been taken into custody. and police are trying to break up the crowd. they've thrown tear gas here. they arrested some protesters. but the day started with throwing paint balls and homemade tear gas the police and now, we have a standoff here, police are now trying to hold the crowd back. there is some thrown over newspaper vending machines and trash cans in the center of the street. this is a fluid situation. and there is no -- they're taking a big metal dumpster out police are trying to shake them down and keep this thing under controchl but it's digressing quickly. the march started with a rally about 45 minutes ago and a crowd circled through downtown. an army of officers are preventing them from reaching city hall. i've been talking with people. most were not involved in occupy oakland camp. that was swept up this morning .s police say most of the 86 protester as rested are still in jail tonight. and these
those people who use the use act was only themselves in mind. >> the california compassionate use act was intended to help seriously ill people. but the law has been hijacked by profiteers who are motivated not by compassion, but money. >> steve is co-founder of oakland's harborside health center, one of the largest december pens riz. he says the rack down will hurt them none thes less, forcing them back on to streets. >> this is an attack on a mistake and a lie to characterize this as anything eels at the cow palace, they're shorting out -- sorting out how this will affect them. >> people who are quote, unquote boutique growers, the government isn't interested in them, they're not interested in people like myself growing their six plants in the backyard. >> i think everybody should remember this swings back and forth and i've been in the industry 30 years and back in 1976 we thought it was going to be legalized just around the corner. >> the northern district u.s. attorney says she'll focus on dispenseries near schools and parks and sent letters to land lords warning of possible
they weren't using live ammunition and no one was injured. bullet hole through a second floor window. >> [ inaudible ] >> reporter: there was plenty to fix at the plaza, urine, feces, graffiti, needles, trash all had to be removed. all reasons why they say the occupies had to end yesterday. one hopes tonight's demonstration is peaceful. >> don't throw stuff. every time you throw stuff and there's a large amount of people they are going to gas us that drives people away. if we could go without getting gassed we take up two to three blocks. >> reporter: mayor quan is expected to talk to the media today. laura anthony is tracking that. nick smith is here ing on the demonstrations. next demonstration is scheduled for 6:00 tonight. -- terry mcsweeney, abc7 news. >>> amy hollyfield joins us. you have been trying to find out about the use of force and possibly a response from the oakland mayor, any luck? >> reporter: no luck. we have heard the mayor is back in town. she was in washington, d.c.. she got back late last night. she did not return our calls all morning and hasn't made herself av
as they left, employees declined to speak to us. mike called his survival the beginning of a second life. the bullet went through his arm missed bone. he's not suffered loss of feeling or movement. and thank you very much. the police officer in a man were hospitalized after suching over the officer's gun this morning just after 10:30 on lee avenue. the officer responded to a call about suspicious activity. so he was saying he heard three successive shots and then there was a fight over pistol. the man grabbed a gun and ran. another officer fired at the suspect taken into custody z no one was actually shot just the gun was fired. and this officer and suspect were treated for injury autos a candle light vigil is getting underway in the scene of a deadly shooting last week. six people were shot, three died. here are two of the three victims killed. a 16-year-old and a 23-year-old and abc 7's nick smith joins us now. >> and this is about 15 minutes ago family members and friends have been arriving and friends started to gather, you can see they've started to lay flowers and light candle
degree murder charges and police are trying to arrest a seventh suspect. >> there are four guns used. tests had to be done, dna analysis had to be done. a lot of things had to come together to make an informed decision. >> the d.a.commended the businesses in this part of contral for helping in this investigation. and several provided surveillance video helping investigators piece together a case sm. pitched in to help victims husband and two sons when visiting following the death a cord tg a bay area journalist living in germany, san francisco locals were instrument for raising a memorial. >> the woman was an administrator held a memorial service last week, using some of the $6,000 used for that purpose. they say they don't want forget her, she was well loved in the community. >> gascone says indictments were a high priority. >> there was very bad media going on. about the safety of san francisco. it's important to show as a community not only this is not something we're going to tolerate. >> and the counsel yul general was at the news conference. she says her government is very happ
prison, amanda knox is heading home to the u.s. this morning. good tuesday morning 4:31 hit and miss showers on the way in. >> did you get hit? >> i got hit then missed then hit. >> that is the way it is going to go this morning? >> did you say missed or midst -- missed or mist? >> i got missed and mist. >>> good morning, wasn't yesterday exciting? wait until you see round two. our only report of organized rain is in santa rosa, too far from the radar to see. definitely pockets of drizzle this morning so watch out for that. our main system to the south, moving from us. i see a drying trend from mid-morning to me afternoon. we'll look at that next system it could bring heavy raini#>d, thunderstorms back. -- >>> it is just about 4:32. the entire tech world is focused on apple he quarters in cupertino today. theiÑ÷>m company will unveil the latest edition of its popular iphone product line. amy it is going to be a little different unveiling this time? >> reporter: right, here at headquarters. rumors are flying. everyone is excited. wondering is it going to be thinner, a bigger screen,
fingertips anymore. the embrace meter from diabetes care club is easier to use and nearly painless. and the best news is that diabetes care club would love to send you one of these meters. this method hurts less and because you can see and hear your results, it may be easier to understand. >> female voice: your blood glucose reading is 89. >> call now to find out why nearly a quarter of a million patients have joined diabetes care club. membership is free. so is the call. >> announcer: call diabetes care club at the number on your screen. >> talk to diabetes care club. you'll be glad you did. ♪ spider-man spider-man does whatever a spider can ♪ ♪ spins a web any size ♪ ♪ catches thieves just like flies ♪ >>> they are rock the music today, i am so impressed. this may not be the story you're thinking, though. this is kind of crazy. the city of wilmington, north carolina, could really use the help of their friendly neighborhood spider-man right about now. >> that's right. because a thief dressed as one of his archenemies. venom has robbed four stores in just the
citizen, anwar al awlaki, who used his knowledge of u.s. culture and u.s. language to recruit terrorists. so, how did they find him? we have full team coverage tonight, and we're going to begin with abc's martha raddatz, who is overseas, has gathered gripping details from her post tonight, the war zone of afghanistan. >> reporter: the u.s. had been zeroing in on awlaki's location for months. in their sights, a compound deep in the back country of yemen, where u.s. military and intelligence operatives were certain the american-born terrorist was hiding out. what awlaki could never know was high overhead. american surveillance aircraft and satellites were watching that compound 24 hours a day while armed drones flew nearby. all they needed was awlaki to step out into the daylight. they waited and waited. until this morning, awlaki, one of the most wanted terrorists in the world, walked out and climbed into a pickup truck. a huge break. as he began to drive, with two other vehicles, thousands of miles away, likely at cia headquarters in langley, virginia, action. operators using remote cont
their encampment. one told us they expect some of those at that rally to come here tonight to protest their camp. there was plenty of aker directed at police today. last night thaerksd this physical confrontation with them, and tore down their tents ask tarps. justin herman plaza is designated as a park and that for bids a permanent encampment after 10:00. so there are skrimishes with protest qlorz tried to block public works vans and trucks which picked up their possessions. five people were arrested and protestors tell us they're not going leave tonight. >> we have every intention of remaining here and possibly to committed individuals working together to see a just society. >> this is the dialogue to try to convince them to tear down tarps into get out of justin herman plaza this is a park, and crews prohibit permanent structures and prohibit visitors after 5:00. did he not tell us what officers would do tonight or if tarps aren't removed by sock. you heard they're determined to stay here and may get help from oakland. they're going to be here tonight that. is the latest from justin herman pl
and well-liked drive was killed when his car flew over another car and into a fence. john hendren joins us live with the latest. good morning, john. >> reporter: good morning, yunji and dan. it was supposed to be a showcase event for the struggling indy car series. but with speeds up to 225 miles an hour and a crowded field, aggressive driving was a worry from the start. drivers and indy fans called it the worst crash they had ever seen. >> cars in flames, krwreckage, carnage, terrible. >> they just crumpled and caught on fire. everybody gasped. >> it's the most horrific race i have ever seen in my life. >> reporter: then came the tragic announcement. >> indy car is very sad to announce that dan wheldon has passed away from unsurvivable injuries. >> reporter: he was trying win a share of a $5 million bonus when his car flew over another on lap 11. >> you know, one minute, you're joking around before driver intros. and the next -- dan's gone. [ "amazing grace" playing ] >> reporter: fellow drivers and fans alike mourned the loss of the two-time indianapolis 500 winner. >> i think i'm gettin
's martha raddatz in afghanistan. >> reporter: terry, the u.s. had actually been tracking awlaki for months, unbeknownst to awlaki the u.s. knew exactly where he was hiding. >> never underestimate the power of fear. >> reporter: anwar awlaki had been considered especially dangerous because he was, in fact, american. and therefore, knew of the targets in the u.s. that could be vulnerable to attacks. today, in a highly targeted attack, he finally met his end. the u.s. had been zeroing in on anwar al awlaki's location for months. u.s. military officials determined awlaki was hiding out in a compound deep in the back country of yemen. what awlaki could never know was high overhead, american surveillance aircraft and satellites were watching that compound 24 hours a day, while armed drones flew nearby. all they needed was awlaki to step out into the daylight. they waited and waited. until this morning. awlaki, one of the most wanted terrorists in the world, walked out and climbed into a pickup truck. a huge break. as he began to drive, more than 7,000 miles away, likely at cia headquarters in la
uncertain and nervous when we got here telling us we needed to be near something we could duck behind in case he came out shooting. he was last seen in this hp parking lot behind me that is cupertino where he tried to carjack a woman, he shot her, she is in the hospital in fair condition, he didn't get her car, they den know. then he was last seen run -- they don't know why. then he was last seen running across the street into a sunnyvale neighborhood. for several hours been doing yard to yard searches with guns drawn and fingers on the trigger. they don't know for sure he's here. they say they will never know unless they look. they've ordered a shelter in place so residents are in the middle of this. many say it is terrifying. they became involved when they first heard the attempted carjacking in the hp parking lot. some told us they were willing to talk about it, they didn't want give their name. some didn't want to show their face. >> i heard three gunshots. i thought it was a car backfiring. then my wife said cars don't backfire three times. then i thought maybe the transformer ex
. reach out to us on facebook and we'll see you tomorrow . stay tuned for the news at 4:00. bye-bye. pp >>> a tense situation at herman plaza as they fear a police eviction for a second night in a war. >> meanwhile, across the bay, the iranian hikers support the demonstrators in oakland. i'm dan ashley. we have reporters on both sides of the bay covering the occupied movement. lilian kim is live in san francisco but we're going to start in oakland. they got a big morale boost today? >> yes, they did. the message got drowned out after police almost shut down the occupy oakland camp out here. it all started after protestor's dog bit on tv reporter. there was angry words exchanged. >> the presence of police on the plaza in front of city hall drew a crowd of angry demonstrators. more officers arrived and tensions escalated and they prepared for the worst. but police tolerated the jeers and chose to stand down. >> it is an occupation. so we respect this as a public space but no longer under the authority. >> they turned on the media saying they didn't have a right to shoot video on public pr
with many different issues. and wayne freedman joins us with more. wayne? >> we're standing on this sidewalk filled with protesters. now, a couple saw the camera and saw we're live. earlier today public opinion. >> on a quiet street and seemingly many causes, claudia carried one plain sign seeming to summarize everything. >> we need you to do what we elected to you do. >> if we heard that once, we can hear it 100 times from the unemployed, medical marijuana advocates. >> i want him to live up to what he said in the campaign. >> for the record, some people paid $35,000 for an audience with the president today. these people with passion, and on this corner the president never saw or heard them. >> this is free speech. this is something people believe in. >> when elected he said i need to you force me to get it done, here i am. >> so baigs -- based on reaction, it could be safe to say for the president, honeymoon is definitely over, if this were a marriage they'd be saying we love you but we need to talk. reporting live in downtown san francisco, abc 7 news. >> thank you, wayne. there is a lot
, tear gas was used. these pictures show a -- scene now more police protesters at this point. it has been peaceful for the moment. you can see it is crowded and there are pieces of tents in the center of that. it is a little chaotic. let's go to a -- amy hollyfield. >> reporter: good morning. they cleared out the plaza quickly. several hours later police are still here. so are the demonstrators. some here at the barricade watching it they've regrouped and scheduling a rally for 4:00 this afternoon. they say they may have gotten pushed out of the plaza this morning but they are not going away. occupy oakland protesters moved dumpsters in front of their camp's entrance when they heard police would be moving in to clear out their camp. the dumpsters did little to keep police from walking into the tent city 4:30 this morning and start making a rests. >> we had 30 that left on their own without incidents. as the officers moved in we arrested 75 people. >> reporter: early in the confrontation smoke and a chemical fill the air and an officer was overcome. police at the scene said protesters unle
attacks on u.s. citizens, killed after two months in hiding. how he was caught, what he was carrying and his last words. we have team coverage, including abc's christiane amanpour, the last american journalist to interview him. and barbara walters, who went toe-to-toe with the strongman at the height of his power. >> in our country, we read that you are unstable. we read that you are mad. >>> beasts in your backyard. the loopholes that let lions, tigers and bears live dangerously nearby. there are more tigers in american neighborhoods than the african wild. a brian ross investigation. >>> deadly delay? why did steve jobs refuse a surgery that might have saved his life? >>> and catch of a lifetime. why is this 6-year-old smiling? the firefighter who made a perfect catch. call him mr. clutch. >>> good evening. diane is on assignment tonight. and for more than four decades, he ruled libya with flamboyance and fear. but tonight, after months on the run, moammar gadhafi is dead. his chaotic last moments were caught on tape, and we should warn you, this video is gruesome. there is gadhafi,
and yards that we're paying closer attention, people are giving us information. we'll send team there's to try to locate him. >> not far from almond's car was found, investigators located a rifle. >> i knew he had a gun. i didn't know he had a collection of gun autos michelle says he's a friend of his. >> he has too much to live for. for him to snap is out of character as long as i've known him for him to act like this. >> neighborhood search began after a woman was shot during an attempted car jacking in the parking lot of an hp building. witses say the suspect matching the description ran into the neighborhood. >> i heard three gunshots. then, my -- then, we started to hear siren autos at one point, police searched a play structure in a neighborhood park and surrounded a bathroom where it appeared the suspect might have been. those who live nearby were told to shelter in place. >> unsettling not knowing what's happening. so we called on neighbors to make sure they're okay. >> and this is a live picture here, and you can see two police officers armed and have been here all day. cars
>>> good morning, thanks for joining us, i'm carolyn tyler. oakland raiders play in houston this morning. first game without their maverick leader al davis died yesterday at his home he was 82. the raiders released a statement on his website he was an innovator a pioneer with a deep love and passion for the game of football. his contributions to the game are i am numerable, his legacy will endure forever. that legacy has drawn fans to alameda to pay tribute to al davis. abc7's century yeo cantana has more. >> balloons and raiders' jersey. this is what raider nation continue to build. >> i feel like an orphan. i feel like a father of my football team just passed away. >> reporter: the death of al davis has made a rowdy group silent. fans bring flowers and add their signatures to a poster in honor of a man who turned the rough and tumble raiders into more than just a football team. to those devoted fans it's a way of life. >> how long have you been a raider fan, maybe 33 years. >> it's a 50 mile drive from fairfield they made, some decisions by him work with other fans. >> i w
it off at a time when the u.s. said they have the insurgents on the run? >>> shark attack again. this deadly season of the shark nearly claims another life in california. how this young man's brave and desperate swim saved his life. we're going to hear from his friend who was in the water with him as they frantically scrambled toward the shoreline. >>> and "gma" goes ghostbusters. you think your house is haunted? we put one viewer's house to the test to find out if spirits really are living there. and is this house haunted? but it sure is a lot of fun. it's the ultimate halloween house party. and the man behind it is joining us putting on a live show. ♪ shake that ♪ >>> if they had taken that camera shot just seconds earlier, you would have seen a fantastic dance by one lara spencer. >> listen, i heard "shake it" and i do what i'm told. >> you follow orders. can we bring up that live shot from california? this is the party rock house. this is a live rehearsal. these guys will be with us live in about 50 minutes to put on a show for us. this guy's been programming this house
>> reporter: good morning i'm amy hollyfield live in oakland. police are explaining why they used force on protesters last night. including firing tear gas at least five times. >> reporter: i'm terry mcsweeney near city hall protesters still on the scene. some have been here all night. a far cry from what we saw last night as amy was talking about. tear gas was fired, after police say they were hit with projectiles. story coming up. >>> good morning. see how clear it is?) becoming around the bay area, winds kicking in. >>> wednesday morning commute, a little fog down the golden gate bridge. a couple of areas you should be aware of. >>> it is wednesday at 5:00, thank you for starting your day with us i'm kristen sze. >> i'm eric thomas. a few protesters still milling around after their group was difficult event out by police firing tear gas in several clashes yesterday. they may be gearing up to do it again this evening. terry mcsweeney is live in frank ogawa plaza to tell us what people are tweeting. >> reporter: we've got two dozen protesters still out here. i was talking to the
and more of us are trying to be healthy and eat more fish, spending $80 billion every year. but abc news investigated and found 19 out of 21 restaurants we tested sold us something other than the fish that was advertised. and just today, consumer reports found in their own test widespread fraud at restaurants and groceries. abc's dan harris leads us off tonight. >> reporter: you walk up to the supermarket fish counter and pick out what you want. i'll take that one. but what are you really getting? thank you sir. consumer reports bought 190 pieces of seafood from supermarkets and restaurants and sent them to a lab for dna testing. more than a fifth of them were not as advertised. >> it's fraud. consumers shouldn't be paying more money and thinking they're getting one kind and getting something else. >> reporter: fish labeled as red snapper turned out to be the cheaper ocean perch. sole turned out to be sutchi catfish, mostly imported from vietnam, where consumer reports say some fish farmers use drugs not approved here. and one piece of grouper turned out to be tilefish, which has so much
businesses are sending a message to a couple biggest banks in the country and abc 7 joins us from san jose with the story. >> we're outside city hall, and occupy san jose has a small presence here and there is a unity group laumpbling its own economic strategy. members lined up to send a message to big bank autos today i stand here with the community and in my nine-year rip. >> i am moving $150,000 from wells fargo to a credit union. >> and bank of america, enough. >> a community group is laumpbling the strategy as a way to pressure banks into increasing loan modifications. this church says it's closing two accounts with bank of america and moving $3 million in account activity to a credit union. >> the word spreads. the word will spread. >> bank of america issued a statement to abc 7 saying it was sorry ask surprised to hear the church is unhappy and went on to note it's modified 193,000 mortgages in california since the housing crisis began. as it gains momentum, this group is convinced that this can have an impact on changing policy. >> i feel like they're using my money are not closing
the camps. they destroyed people's properties. they had no reason to do that. >> i saw police using force against citizens. for what? coming here to discuss problem autos the action did intend use of tear gas and rounds. >> there is one that's deployed in order to affect an arrest in an area where we were being pelted with rocks and bottles and kitchen utensils. >> the raids began at 4:30. hundreds of police officers from several agencies warned pro heesters to leave, then removed those who stayed. >> i packed up and left. i saw cops coming and knew we didn't have a chance. >> and those who worked close to city hall were told to delay arriveal. >> nobody can afford to miss a day of work in this economy. >> once police and protesters were gone, crews moved to clean up personal items and tons of garbage left in their wake. city officials made it clear camping will no longer be tolerated and say the plaza will be a place for free speech. >> this city remains committed to free speech as well as public health and safety. >> and we're back live here at 14th and broadway this, is the view lookin
at jack london square. more than a dozen people were hurt. alan wang is live at the station for us with the latest. alan? >> carolyn, we are a few blocks away from the oakland amtrak station where a major emergency response is taking place. you can look down there. the olympic -- the oakland fire department says 18 people were injured. we are told one of the trains was boarding and de boarding when another amtrak train on the same track slammed into it. the impact derailed one of the trains and now railroad inspectors are trying to figure out how this all happened. we are told it was the pacific starlight from seattle to l.a. that struck the other amtrak train that we have not been able to identify yet. the rare road worker said the mechanism was not activated and it is still in the wrong position that lead these two trains to collide. again coming back, the oakland fire department says at least 18 passengers have been injured in this collision of two amtrak trains. the railroad inspectors have arrived and they are trying to figure out how exactly this happened. for now alan wang r
military members have been killed since the u.s. went after saddam hussein and invaded iran during the bush administration. katie is here with more on the troop withdrawal. >> the headline from today was simple all u.s. troops coming hope as scheduled. in his second address to the nation in as many days president obama gave military families a big reason to celebrate the upcoming holidays. an hour ago president obama announced there will be a complete u.s. troop withdrawal from iraq by the end of the year. december 31st 2011 was set as the deadline in 2008. there was talk of leaving a small number of troops in country to help with security. today the president confirmed that will not be the case. >> the president: the last american soldier will cross the boarder out of iraq with their heads held -- border out of iraq with their heads held high knowing the american people stand united in our support for our troops. that is now america's military efforts in iraq will end. >> reporter: the president spoke with the prime minister of iraq. he said they in total agreement moving forward. republic
. no damage. >> and i was at our daughter's across from berkeley. it and was a good jolt that woke us up. and there is our little dog wasn't a warning dog. it woke her up, too. >> what did you think? the big one? >> no. i grew up in berkeley. it was just, i'm glad to hear and feel smaller ones because i think that diffuses it a bit. and i hope that that is correct. >> we have video of sky 7 hopefully for you. you know the hayward fault is under the cal memorial stadium, which is undergoing retro fitting at the time. the contractors from web core said that all of his employees continued working and work will continue, tomorrow, now, city hall and berkeley police actually spoken with them. the police department did what they call a role call. that means is that they check with every plor to see if they're okay and there is everybody okay, and they're ordered and instructed to kault police department if they see any damage. so to report anything. so far, nothing according to berkeley city hall no, damage has been reported. city hall said they received a few calls regarding alarm systems but
this morning and released and came back to rejoin the protest. >> the top 1% is hurting all of us. >> kara and her husband say the movement is what they've been waiting for. >> there are many splinter issues, environmental, civil rights but they come down the inequal discontribution of wealth. >> the and the 99% of americans compared to the top 1%. abc 7 reported earlier the top 1% earns $1.1 million per year. and compare that to bottom 90%, 100 million households earning $31,000 and wealthyest saw their incomes rise half a percent and everyone elses dropped about the same amount. since the 19 80s the top 1% has seen their income go up 11 times greater than what the rest of america saw. >> people respond to this. and this is people are starting to understand they're not alone. and they're not the only one. >> after four hours, the demonstration broke up. in spite of arrests police said the action was well organized. >> they had an agenda to get message out. and once they did, then, they decide to move on their way. >> wells fargo issued a statement saying all money received in the governme
, there was some boos and some cheers. abc news, italy. >> and certainly a mixed reaction. she'll join us in our 4:30 half hour with the latest on amanda knox's journey home. >> rainy season started early here in the bay area. a live look at san francisco bay. it's overcast and misty now. you can barely see the golden gate bridge here. that is the marina in the for ground. take a look at the camera on top, it looks like december up there. and the rain has people breaking out umbrellas. parents are picking up their kids, they didn't seem to mind too. you can see rainfall was light but steady. that didn't stop this person from employing super sized umbrellas. spencer christian has live doppler 7. looks like everyone is getting wet. >> it's wet across the bay area now. good day for a large, heavy duty umbrella. there is a line of light rainfall and showers, we've seen from a few one hundredths of an inch of rain to two-tens today. there is a image appearing to show more rainfall. we're picking up much evaporate brg hitting the ground. there are wet spots and light to moderate rainfall in parts of the
full riot gear moved in using rounds of tear gas to break up crowds. this protester overwhelmed by the smoke. police arrested 100 of the 1,000 occupy oakland protesters, including this young woman, who was tossed to ground and cuffed on the spot. the protesters fighting back and refusing to budge. >> they shot tear gas into the crowd, flash bangs. >> reporter: one of those injured, a marine and two-time iraq war veteran, who sustained a skull fracture after being hit in the head. police say it was all in self-defense. >> we were in a position where we had to deploy gas in order to stop the crowd, people from pelting us with bottles and rocks. >> reporter: the situation escalated quickly after police tore down a tent city outside city hall. oakland officials said that after nearly three weeks of protesting, the site had become dangerous and unsanitary. a recent poll shows less than half of americans support the protesters, who largely believe money and wealth should be more evenly distributed. but does last night mark a turning point? weeks after new york police stopped short of
a minute. but first, abc's dan harris has the very latest for us from kansas city, for us. good morning, dan. >> reporter: good morning, to you. the parents of baby irwin insist they're fully cooperating with police. they say they take issue with the way they're being treated by detectives. they say investigators have tried to turn them against one another. they have accused the mother of failing a polygraph test. and they've also accused her of having something to do with the disappearance of her own baby girl. in the three days since their 10-month-old baby, lisa, nicknamed pumpkin pie went missing. >> we were running around the house, screaming for her. >> reporter: her parents, jeremy irwin and deborah bradley, have consistently said she was snatched from her crib in the middle of the night. >> we want our baby back, please, bring her home. >> reporter: and they have also consistently cooperated with kansas city police. but late thursday, police announced that the parents had suddenly stopped cooperating. does that make you think, does that make the department think, they had someth
-old ricardo moreno. police say the weapon he used to threaten officer was the same gun that killed a former san jose state students. they were gunned down, execution style just two days before the officer-involved shooting. police believe motive there was drugs. >> either dealing or using with him z we have evidence that shows that he knew eric, that he communicated with eric. and that they partied together and likely either he used with him or bought from him, or, we're still working through details. and that is the tie. >> and officials confirmed they both lived in the same dorm, campus village from january to may of this year. and police believe christina was targeted because she was eric's girm friend. the university president is sending out an e mail expressing sympathy and reassuring students the campus is safe and though police did not know when they shot and killed ricardo moreno he was a suspect in this double homicide the police chief tells me that that shooting was absolutely justified and he was aiming his weapon at officers. we'll have more coming up at 5:00. >> and the hell's
:00. a moving and shaking thursday morning for sure. thanks for join us i'm kristen sze. >>> a whole lot that shaking going on. i'm eric thomas. that breaking news, did you feel it? there it is on the seismograph 30 minutes ago a magnitude 3.6 quake hit near berkeley the epicenter east of memorial stadium. we felt it roll through the studio here in san francisco. we've had viewers calling in saying they felt it in marin, albany, san mateo. no reports of any injuries or damage. >> for more on this morning's quake we are joined by a doctor from uc berkeley's seismology lab not far from the embassy center. katie is heading to berkeley we'll -- we'll have more coming up. let's do bring in the doctor to talk about how this quake was 3.9 then downgraded to 3.6. can you tell us about the science and how you felt it? >> it woke me up this morning. i knew it was roughly 3 1/2 that was my first guess. i looked at the computers and the authoritative magnitude is 3.6. it is based on models of the seismic waves recorded by the earthquake as opposed to just measuring the peak amptitude which is the ea
>>> good morning. computers who use amtrak heads-up this station is closed. crews work to cleanup the aftermath of a train crash. >> reporter: i'm terry mcsweeney at the oakland police department. could a controversy in the department from 11 years ago have played a role in the resignation of chief batts? >>> i'm meteorologist leigh glaser. what offshore wins will mean for temperatures today? >>> live look of the bay bridge toll plaza. we will be following that amtrak delay for you with ways to get around that. >>> that means a lot going on this morning. 5 a.m. on this thursday. i'm eric thomas. >> and i'm kristen sze. let's begin with that developing news. no amtrak service through oakland after two trains collided at the jack london square station last night injuring 16. amy hollyfield is live with the latest. >> reporter: the station is still shutdown. check out the scene behind me. crews are hard at with work trying to the trains moved from the tracks. they are still here. they will be offering a bus bridge this morning between this station here in oakland and the emeryville s
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